Gaby always had a passion about anything handmade and started needle work and knitting at a very early age. Over the years her skills diversified due to her very inquisitive and curios nature. She is always trying something new and has the “I can do it” attitude. She can now turn her hand onto anything from sewing to painting and reinventing furniture to upholstery as a result of her training.

Gaby started making items for her own home as she has a great eye for interior design and she’s very brave in using unusual raw materials for her unique look. After encouragement from family and friends, she started her online shop.

At the beginning of 2018, she was joined by her partner, Malcolm Steven, who, inspired by Gaby, started to make the most beautiful lamps and clocks using old musical instruments and other quirky finds. After all, Gaby Redman Design Studio did need a masculine touch, too!
Well, you can just imagine how much stuff these two created between them. After extensive deliberation, they both decided that their passion for upcycling and recycling should be taken to another level. However, if you talk to Malcolm, he will say that all he wanted was to have his house back and be able to use the dinning room again for the intended purpose!
When the opportunity of opening a shop within the Old Coop Building, they took the risk and they are now the first tenants of the Co-Innovative Project. They are bringing a high street boutique style shop filled with high end and quality pieces without the big price tag.

Gaby Redman is now a recognised member of the National Register of the professional upcyclers, who is always up for a challenge. She loves to create pieces that are unusual, with a touch of surprise and that make big design statements. If you are looking for something different, unique, stylish to fit with your eclectic taste, then look no further.
Gaby Redman Design Studio is using a variety of materials, some recycled, some natural as driftwood and seaglass. They are also making their own lampshades with vintage fabrics, most of them started their life as a dress or a skirt. Nothing goes to waste with them !
Gaby is currently developing a range of decor items using old leather belts, including small pieces of furniture, mirrors, picture frames and plant containers – all beautiful items which will become a talking point wherever they are placed in the home. All items produced by Gaby Redman Design Studio are one of a kind. She endeavours to repurpose, recycle and reuse as much as she can and is proud of the fact that most of the items she creates are 90% ‘green’. Gaby enjoys using different paint techniques to achieve the required look and the styles she produces range from traditional to highly colourful, contemporary works.

Gaby Redman Design Studio also takes part in local fairs including Etsy Made Local and likes to support her local community – GRDS is currently the sponsor for the local Whitfield Colts football team too!